Pinterest and Why Distilled Is Amazing

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Two weeks from now the Image Freedom team will be closing our comic books and hopping a plane over to Boston for our favorite Link Building Conference, LinkLove 2012. Not only does LinkLove have amazing speakers like Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz, Rhea Drysdale from Outspoken Media, and one of our all time favorites Wil Reynolds from SEER Interactive, but they’ve done something recently which I think really deserves special note: They’re taking on the topic of Pinterest.

Everyone has been talking about Pinterest lately, if you don’t know, Pinterest is a new kind of social network where you can pin topics to your board and collect topics and content that interests you in a sort of advanced tumblr style. I think it’s neat but I’m one of those non-believers that doesn’t yet see power there for small businesses (big brands, maybe, but small and medium sized businesses, not so much).

Distilled, being the futurists that they are, knew that Pinterest was of much discussion and rather than waiting a whole year for the next conference, they decided to adjust their schedule last minute to add another session to the mix that addresses this new tool: Colby Almond from 97th Floor (who are responsible for that amazing Noob Guide to Internet Marketing over on Unbounce’s blog) has been added to speak about Pinterest and how search marketers can hop onto that opportunity. That’s huge!

It’s hard to know what is coming and create a conference where you’re locking down topics sometimes months and months in advance, but Distilled was able to add this session because they know the importance of this new technology as a topic for debate in our community.

As a holdout on Pinterest, I’m really excited to learn from a company like 97th Floor about how they’ve addressed the Pinterest opportunity, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll get me to come around on the topic. We’ll let you know.

This just goes to show the innovation and value that you can expect from the Distilled Conferences, and while LinkLove London is completely sold out, I’m told you can still get a ticket to LinkLove Boston, but I’d act now as they surely won’t last long.

Maybe we’ll see you there?

Don’t believe me? – Check out this blog by our friend and client David Cohen on how his company was able to bring in over a Million Dollars of revenue via an idea he got during LinkLove last year. Hell, we even met David for the first time at LinkLove in 2010, it’s an all around great time! Don’t miss out!