SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers

WordPress is one of those software suites that has penetrated small business by storm.  I’m a big fan of WordPress and this blog is written using the WordPress software.  There is a very easy way to target some keywords in your blog, and because Search Engine Optimization is a great way to bring new eyes to your business let’s talk about how we can optimize WordPress.

The key to any Search Engine Optimization plan is keyword research.  The Google Keyword Tool is where you start for this every single time.  What is it you hope to talk about, and how are people searching for it?  Knowing I’d write a blog about SEO for WordPress I put in “SEO WordPress” into the Google Keyword tool.  The results were not surprising.

“SEO WordPress” itself gets 22,000 local monthly searches on Google alone, and another 22,000 for “SEO Blog”.  I looked down the list, there is insufficient data for “how to seo wordpress” so we ignored that one, and the other keywords like “seo optimization” or “blog theme” were just too generic.  So “SEO WordPress” and “SEO Blog” seemed like great keywords to target with over 20,000 local monthly searches each.

So my headline is not going to be the same as the URL for my blog.  WordPress is fantastic in that it makes the Headline or Title of your blog into the URL, for the most part if you include some keywords in your title this is fine, but you may want to go a step further and put keywords on their own as the URL.

It is best to use four or five words for the URL.  The rule of thumb is, you want to include keywords, but not so many keywords and not so obviously that the URL becomes unappealing for someone to want to click.  The URL is often the preview of a blog article, so if your Title is “Puppies are Neat” and your url is “dog-breeding-puppies-puppy-bark-chihuhua” that is going to be an intimidating scary link that no one will want to click on.  Well, unless you love Chihuahua’s.

Moral of the story, target some keywords with EVERY piece of content you create.  Target the SAME keywords if that is what will bring you the business, but it is rare that only one keyphrase will bring in business so spend some time creating content to reach those other keywords you otherwise might not hit from your homepage.

Content is king in any SEO campaign, but that doesn’t mean we can’t target that content for best results!

Was this helpful? SEO can be frustrating, so if you have any questions please just post them in the comments below.  Check out the Image Freedom homepage for the full SEO kick.