Staying on the Path

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The road ahead is long.  We all put that carrot on the stick, get in the car, and head on through each day.  This past week for me has been very challenging.  Some delays from the Holiday season have come back to haunt me and getting from Monday to Friday was easier said than done.

Yet here I am.  Saturday.

I’ve been rapping with @michellepoteet a lot lately, she is a professional organizer and owner of Reclaim Order.  I figured I’d give her blog a read, having finished cleaning my office, set my papers where they belong, windexed my fingerprint collecting glass desk and doing the “will I use this any time soon?” dance.

In Michelle’s blog she talks about keeping a journal, and I think that is something a lot of us have tried to do over the years.  I made a decision after reading her blog, I’m not going to TRY to keep a journal, I’m actually going to shut myself up and do it.  Pulled up a journal, leather bound, nice little item I bought before the new year and I said to myself ‘How can I make this work?”

Way back in the 10th grade I had some really close friends, Allison and Shannon.  One day Shannon wrote “Matthew is awesome, -love Shannon” in my little personal planner.  I was an entrepreneurial lad and carried my little day planner around like I was the President of some sort of SEO firm or something and shortly thereafter Allison had written something, Candice, Shawnje, what have you.  It stopped being an organizer, and it became appreciation, it became love, it was a reminder that my successes as an individual is about more than just what I can get done in a day.  My success is about me succeeding, as an individual.

I couldn’t open the book, without that reminder that people cared, and were pulling for me to thrive.

Shut Up And Do It!

So I’ll put ego aside, I’ll put appearances aside, I’ll come out and say it.  I’m struggling to stay organized.  Attending this Business Building Boot Camp lately, I’ve been able to see through humbled eyes that I’m not alone in that struggle.  The road ahead is long.

I opened up this new journal and I wrote “Shut up and do it!” inside.  Signed my name.  I’m going to share this with my family, and with my friends, and maybe I can establish that same connection to this new journal that I had with that beat up old Day Runner from the 10th grade.  Make it more than a journal, and I might actually use it.

Will you sign my journal?  Will you wish me luck?