The Enthusiasm Virus

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I’m a nut.  I can’t lie about that, you’ll figure it out sooner or later.  The strangest things excite me.  Spent the evening at Sea World San Antonio Thursday night previewing their new “Azul” event that debuted today.  I felt like a kid in a candy store running around taking pictures.  I was very enthusiastic, very excited to have been invited to the preview, very happy to be there.

Sea World

But we’re supposed to play it cool. Every time anyone has ever said they liked my enthusiasm, I’ve had that feeling that what they meant was that I was a hyper idiot.  Is enthusiasm synonymous with a lack of etiquette?

I’m tired of THEM telling US that we have to be something we’re not to be successful.  If I show my glee at Dolphins jumping out of the water into the sky, does that diminish my business edge?

Hell no!

I was at a meeting not long ago and someone referenced my enthusiasm towards a project.  I frowned because I’d heard that before, it meant they were excited that I was going to be so easy to sign on.  I’m not a cool cat by a long shot, I’m a man of many words and often a man with a stupid grin on his face, but I still know my value and I don’t settle.

People who underestimate me because of my enthusiasm are in for a rude awakening.  I’m a geek, sure, but in the immortal words of Susan Boyle “that’s just one side of me!”  I refuse to be ashamed of my enthusiasm.

Let your geek flags fly!  Get excited with me!  Catch the enthusiasm virus!