The Value of a Blog Comment

I’m fighting off a monster of a throat cold today, so forgive me if none of this comes together to form a coherent thought.  I wanted to talk very quickly today about the value of blog comments in your SEO.  If you have a blog, for certain you have been spammed by some ass kissing commentator who says one line and then links to their sale of Cialis.  These are bots, automated processes that find Word Press and similar blogs, posts a comment and hopes that site shares their URL on the approved comment.  Obviously never approve and quickly delete those posts.

Why do they do this?  The reason is link building.  Link building is the process by which an SEO places links to a web site around the internet, so that when Google visits that blog, they will see your link, and travel to your web site to check you out.  The more back links you have to you, the more important you must be on the internet (which obviously isn’t always true).

The relevance, or similarity of your content to the content of the site you’re linking from, is very important here.  As an SEO myself, posting a link on a web site about Tennis Balls doesn’t do me as much good as if I were to be featured on a site about Google, or Web Sites, or something specifically SEO.  You want to pick a very specific URL to link from, and make sure you always link from that exact syntax. is different from so I always use “” in all my backlinks so that to Google it is one consistent link and you don’t wind up with link value divided by different syntax.

The moral of the story here, is that if you have colleagues in your industry, or even outside of your industry, comment on their blog, read their blog, become involved in their community.  Not only do people really appreciate genuine comments, but each comment posted on their blog becomes a permanent backlink to your site that will help elevate your importance in the grand SEO scheme.

ALL OF THIS SAID – Please don’t take this as me saying “go spam peoples blogs”.  You need to truly read and be a part of the conversation, offer something of significance or the odds are good your comment will just be deleted.  Nobody likes spam!