Three Very Honest Resolutions

This is my business, I built her from the little seedling she was when I found her in the woods into the SEO optimizing site you see before you.  I try and follow that whole “put your best face forward” business as best I can and keep my personal life to myself.  But hell, it’s New Years Eve and as is customary I thought I’d share my true, REAL resolutions for 2010.


Be it Castle Age or Mafia Wars (or you awful Farmville people) Facebook games have been a never ending sink in everyone’s time since the very first massive games first came to light.  As a former Warcraft addict it felt like I’d go from playing a little TOO MUCH World of Warcraft to then paying a little too much attention to hitting 501 Mafia Wars members.  I’ve got bigger fish to fry in 2010 and that starts with cutting the crap out of the home office.  World of Warcraft uninstalled.  Mafia Wars gone.  Castle Age gone.  That’s number one.


I’m not an overweight guy by any means, but being slender by genetics and actually being healthy inside and out are two very different things.  My goal for 2010 is to overcome the dredge of a desk job and be a bit more active.  If I’m going to read something, why not get it on Audible and take it for a walk around the neighborhood?  If I’m going to watch TV, theres no reason I can’t put on Fox Business down at the Gym.  I’m a young man, and I do worry about how my heart is going to hold up as I get older so number two is a road to a healthier heart.


When people come to me asking for a web site, they often don’t know about audience analytics, or the value of content to SEO, or the difference between a website that converts to sales or that just sits there getting hits but generating little to no business.  In 2010 I want to develop a model by which I can explain these three things in a way even grandma can understand and refine a fluid process by which all of our sites will be designed in the new year.

Does this content offer value to my ACTUAL audience?  Will they then be called to take an action?  Have I created enough, and often enough that Google will give me a bonus in Page Rank for having a frequently updated site?  The answer needs to be yes!

So these are my new years reflections, greater focus, greater health, and a stronger attention to customer transparency throughout our design and development process.  2010 is going to be the year of the YES and I’m ready to knock these out!

Happy New Years!

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