Twitter: Business vs. Personal vs. The Snuggie

In my line of work you wind up building quite a few relationships with people great at things you suck at.  One such partner in crime is @JennyBuda whom I was rapping with about my use of Twitter.  See I’d been pondering lately splitting up my @ImageFreedom Twitter into it, and a second personal only account.

What the wise and lovely @JennyBuda imparted unto me was that in her book, you keep it all together wrapped up in one happy little ball.  On one hand, you’re a business owner (or I’M a business owner) and you want to share your knowledge within your field, and on the other hand you’re still a human being and you’re going to want to share yourself with those who some day might call on you for service.

I thought about it a bit, and I think @JennyBuda is one smart cookie because whether I label myself as a Search Engine Optimizer or a Web Developer or even a weekend Jigalo I still wear the hat of a Salesman when the phone rings.  I have to agree with her that sharing yourself through Twitter, through Facebook through the social web gives people a better understanding of who you are as a person.

When it comes time to choose who you want to hire, do you go for the expert or the guy you trust?  I could spam Twitter all day long with #SEO Tips but it won’t earn a lick of trust that sharing a laugh over a Snuggie will earn ya.

So my advice: be yourself, share yourself.

DISCLAIMER: Advice subject to not being mine at all and in fact being the advice of @JennyBuda.  In event that you find me trying to take credit for said advice, just politely smile, nod and unfollow.