VIDEO: The ‘set and forget’ website mistake

Post written by Matthew Egan. Follow Matthew on Twitter.

We’re all under a deadline. We deal with there not being enough hours in a day or, as Dave Ramsey so perfectly puts it, there’s not enough “month at the end of the money.” We all have limitations.

When companies create their website, they may be intimidated by the time and money that could be involved in creating a quality, vibrant presence on the web. Knowing that not having a website makes a company virtually invisible, but being paralyzed by the fear of a limited website budget, these companies simply throw a generic site online and call it a day. “At least we have a website,” the underachieving company tells itself.

This leads to websites being created with the “set and forget” mentality. This kills me. A website is your digital business card. It’s your handshake when you can’t meet a client face to face at first. Your site could also be the second impression a potential client gets of you after meeting you in person. No matter how someone arrives at your site, it should truly represent you — the “you” that will shake their hand when they sign the deal.

This “set and forget” mentality stems from not knowing what to do, or from fear that if the website budget isn’t managed perfectly, the sky will fall and all will be lost. There are so many really cool free ways to improve your web presence, to share something that makes you unique and worth talking about.

There are websites out there that haven’t been updated in ten years. You talk to these folks and improving their website is always on their list. It’s something they intend to get to “someday”.

When I look at some of the websites created by our friends at Blue Clover, I know these sites exceed anything that was possible even a few years ago. The artistic and branding expression possible today is astounding and sites that integrate fresh, beautiful designs with rich and engaging content are going to be the sites owned by the future drivers in their industry.

You wouldn’t half-ass your handshake. You wouldn’t half-ass a smile. So why settle for a half-assed web site?

Matthew Egan is the President of San Antonio SEO consulting group Image Freedom. When not dancing to the blues, Matthew helps web pages like yours get more traffic through content driven Search Engine Optimization.