What does Linkin Park have to do with SEO?

Stay with me on this one.

Ten years ago a band called “(Hed) Planet Earth” created an album called “Broke”.  On this album was a song that made it to #23 on the Billboard Mainstream Charts called “Hey Bartender”.  Unfortunately for (Hed) Planet Earth this song is often attributed to the band Linkin Park and to this day if you search for “Just Want Your Company” (the main chorus of the song) you’ll see it still attributed, ten years later, to Linkin Park.


How does something like this happen?

Back in 2002 some fans of Linkin Park created an album called “Under Attack” which featured old Linkin Park demos and music that was deemed similar to Linkin Park and of interest to their fans (like me).  So I came across the album back before Kazaa was even around and we were all still drinking the Napster koolaid.  This song, titled “Just Want Your Company” was thus attributed to Linkin Park to thousands of fans who had no way of knowing any better.  Linkin Park apparently had a rare song called “Just Want Your Company” and until today I had never heard of (Hed) Planet Earth.

This is an example of search engines distorting facts and re-writing history based on what the social community decides.  In this case, it was entirely by accident but early MP3 software let us mass label our tracks for easy listening and so I’d imagine every track on “Under Attack” was attributed to Linkin Park.

Would (Hed) Planet Earth have gone farther if they’d had proper attribution in this fan album?  Had we known of this second band with a sound quite complimentary to Linkin Park would we have also sought their music?  Would they have had greater success than they did?  Not to put down (Hed) Planet Earth but judging by their Wiki’s they never reached the level of fame that Linkin Park has reached.  Could that be because they weren’t credited for their creation by these fans?

What are you not being credited for?  When someone searches for your business, are they finding someone else?  These are the cases where the most basic SEO best practices come into play.  You deserve credit for your creations, you deserve to pop up in a Google search when someone is searching for you.  Don’t let the Linkin Park’s of your industry take all the credit for your businesses beautiful music.

Optimize your web site.  Write your own history.