WhiteMoon Dreams kickstarts WarMachine: Tactics

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I’m a geek. I know that comes as an absolute shock, but yea, I’m a big gaming nerd, comic book nerd, what have you. As a kid, I used to skip class to go hang out in the computer lab where we’d challenge each other in little Photoshop challenges making website interfaces for Star Wars fan sites, video games, what have you. I’m a geek.


Growing up, I used to idolize the “game dev culture”. Big offices filled with toys, statues, all the kinds of crap you might see if you stopped by our office now, but back then I wanted to grow up to be a video game producer. I’ve been a professional blogger, and I’ve even worked in marketing at Nintendo of America, but the gaming industry has changed so much that publishers are taking fewer risks, and the games that seem to be coming out are more and more “of the same” vs. anything risky, anything exciting.

That’s where Kickstarter comes in. Kickstarter is allowing developers of “Indy Games” to seek crowdfunding, social media motivated “pledge donations” that usually carry with them a perk or a product in exchange for the funding necessary to create their game. WhiteMoon Dreams is one such company, who has partnered with newly minted Privateer Press Interactive to bring their popular Warmachine miniatures game to life as a video game, in the hugely ambitious Warmachine: Tactics.

What I love though, and yes I’m backing Warmachine: Tactics at the “War Chest” level myself, is that these developers at WhiteMoon Dreams are those “game creators” that I used to daydream about becoming while reading GamePro as a kid. Years later, while I was blogging for TheOneRing.net, I was attending a pre-E3 event at a bar in Los Angeles and I was told by actual GamePro writers that they didn’t really play the games, and most of those articles I used to read through were written based on press release content and not the authors actual opinion of the game. I was heartbroken!

The industry has changed, as have several industries, film, gaming, music, they’ve all evolved in response to internet piracy, rising costs, recession, and it has changed the landscape of what we’re dealing with, what we can hope for, and what we can expect.


I tuned into a Twitch Livestream from the WhiteMoon Dreams guys today and you could tell with the way they spoke to each other, with the way they spoke to their fans on the chat line, and with the way they spoke of other exciting Kickstarters like Satellite Reign, that these guys are genuine, they’re gamers, they are living their own dreams by making a game like Warmachine: Tactics into a reality.

I just felt that deserved a moments’ acknowledgement.

Privateer Press has always been known for being a down to earth, easily approachable company, these are gamers, making awesome games for other gamers. Artists doing it for the love of the art, and if you do what you love, and you do it with passion, the money will come and Warmachine has grown to now two games, with it’s sister game Hordes, a new deck building game High Command, and now Warmachine: Tactics; the first video game based on this particular world.

You might not be into video games, or as big of a nerd as I am, but I know everyone has a dream. At one point in your life you cut out pictures from magazines of the life you wanted to some day have, and I’m excited about the future of this project because it is in the hands of dreamers like you and me, it’s in the best hands possible.

Click here to support Warmachine: Tactics.