Why not just do it now?

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This May I hired an assistant.  Business had been improving and I knew that one of my biggest weaknesses was my Attention Deficit Disordered self.  Being easily distractible is fantastic when you’re in the creative space, where I spend probably half my day, but when it comes time to returning e-mails, remembering appointments and getting things done, the mind of an ADD child suffers dramatically.

So I now have an assistant, and her name is Sarah, and she completes me in no understated way.  Sarah is detail oriented, organized and difficult to distract.  She is often my nemesis, and I’ll do my part to derail her plans to keep me on task.  I once contemplated giving her Pink Eye so her absent self would be unable to remind me that I should be doing work.  I mean, contemplated, really, I wouldn’t honestly infect one of my employees with a contagious disease.  Honest!

So today Sarah and I were working on Excel and updating the budget for the company, and for myself.  We discussed various aspects of the business, who we needed to contact, who to update, who to assign this or that to, etc.  Sarah pointed at my Twitter client and said, “Why not just Direct Message her now?”  We needed to write some checks, for both personal and business things, “Why not just write the checks now?”

So we did.  Both.  Right then.

We got to talking about a book I had been given called “The Power of Now” and it’s a book I always thought I should read but never did, so you’ll have to tell me if it correlates at all to what I’m talking about here, but essentially, those things “I should really do” are much more easily done if you just… you know, do them.  RIGHT NOW.

I needed to e-mail a client.  Do it now.  I needed to update my spreadsheets.  Just do it!  I was behind on my blog.  Now is as good a time as any right?

Now is truly a powerful thing, and when we sat down, and we identified tasks and as soon as we gave it a name, gave it a purpose, we just accomplished it.  Didn’t create an action item, a calendar entry, or a separate spreadsheet, nope.  We just opened whatever it was, completed the thing, and just like that it’s done!

What are you putting off?  What are you planning to do that planning for, making a list for, or thinking about doing, is taking more time than it’d take to just freaking do it!?  Join me in a culture of now!  You’ll be glad you did!