The Farce That is Google+ (Expanded)

Sitting down to my desk this morning, I did what I always do after checking e-mail, I checked Facebook. I like Facebook, I like Facebook more than Twitter even and I like chatting, debating, sharing, and laughing at the random stuff people post. Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing and his recent The Book of Business Awesome/Unawesome shared his recent blog titled The Farce That Is Google+.


Loved it. Scott spoke on how Google loves to pad Google+’s numbers to make the crummy Facebook clone look like it’s actually a hotbed of activity, but sadly, I’m with Scott, the only people I know that really love Google+ are marketers wanting to plant their flag at the mountain’s peak. Twitter experts (like Mr. Stratten, come to think of it) were a specific set of folks, and knowing that every “wannabe Chris Brogan” wanted their crack at the title this time around, they flocked to Google+ in droves.

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Social Media Pisses Me Off

Social Media has become a buzzword used in as many meaningless ways as SEO often is, to make folks sound smarter, to make someone sound like they’re ahead of the curve, etc. (maybe this blog should be called “Buzzwords Piss Me Off”). For every hundred people claiming they “do social media” only a tiny handful have the slightest clue.

I was listening to the audiobook for UnMarketing by Scott Stratten on the drive back from my Honeymoon this past weekend (I highly recommend it, it’s even in paperback now). What I love about UnMarketing is that Scott didn’t write a book about Social Media, he wrote a book about integration, about customer service, about – as he declared it – “UnMarketing” vs. traditional “throw advertising at it” tactics to growing a business.

Texts From Hillary Clinton to Scott Stratten

For as much love and respect as Scott gets, I’d wager too few people who rep his book have actually read the thing. Forgive me if this is you, but I’d wager more often than not books like Scott’s get skimmed for what few buzzwords they do contain and just enough wisdom is pulled out to be later quoted out of context or simply ignored.

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Google+ Could Change Everything (but probably won’t)

The Google+ bandwagon is accepting new residents by the hour. Posts exist calling out how Facebook’s days are numbered, or how it’s LinkedIn that should really be afraid of Google+, etc. Everyone has an opinion, typically a strong one, and typically formulated without much actual time spent on Google+ or with the ear of decision makers at Google who could actually back up their theories.

It’s called Link Bait folks. The more outrageous the title of my blog is, the more likely it is to get clicked on, the more likely it is to be shared on Facebook or retweeted. We live in a sensationalist world, and the immediacy of the social web simply feeds into that. Sex sells, the death of SEO sells, the downfall of Facebook, all of this crap “sells papers” in the form of blog pageviews and social site backlinks. All of this hype is people trying to get a piece of the Google+ pie.

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Is Social Media ROI a Myth?!

I follow Simon Salt on Twitter, and I just finished reading his blog “Why There is No Social Media ROI“. Simon’s blog started out by challenging: “There are a lot of people who will tell you, in great detail if you let them, about Social Media ROI. These people do not know what they are talking about.” Would you say you agree with this?

Simon’s stance is that “Likes” & “Follows” do not equate to cash, thus you cannot calculate an ROI. I agree that “Likes” and “Follows” alone hold no cash value, but using Google Analytics you CAN drill down to a measurable Social Media ROI figure.

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Does Gary Vaynerchuk think you’re a Clown?!

Social Media has become one of those buzz words that, like SEO, means different things to different people.  Recently Gary Vaynerchuck went on a TechCrunchTV spot and was quoted as saying that “99.5% of Social Media experts are clowns.”  Popular because of his Wine Library TV videos and writings about Social Media, Vaynerchuk went on to defend his comments on his blog.

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