Pastebin Leaks vs. Modern Journalism

Yesterday was very amusing, a hacker named SgtBilko420 hijacked the upcoming leak of Ku Klux Klan member names by releasing a list of names that pretty much had nothing to do with the KKK. That isn’t the amusing part, stay with me.

Anonymous vs. the KKK

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More Money More Problems

I’ve always believed that success is one of the worst things that could happen to a person, or a brand.  I learned that one of my favorite gaming websites,, is going to be shutting down and their staff relocated to now parent company IGN (or fired).

I wasn’t so much a fan of itself, but the news section was great, similar to engadget in that it was true simple reporting.  Kotaku doesn’t do it for me, IGN feels like it’s 100% advertising spam, and I’ve long been a believer that most video game content, especially reviews, are driven by advertising revenue above all else.  (For example – I guess Capcom didn’t pay IGN well enough to earn a higher review for the AMAZING DmC: Devil May Cry reboot.  Really, 8.5?!  It’s easily a 9.5 or a 10!)

Matt with Mark Hamill, Richard Taylor, Daniel Falconer and the Weta Workshop Team

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This Week In Web: Coca-Cola, Iron Man Gadgets, and Taylor Swift

The three day weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work! Or maybe you should relax just a little bit longer and check out our internet finds from the past couple of weeks! It’s been a while since our last “This Week In Web” post and we’ve been pretty busy, but we are getting back on schedule so make sure and check back next week for more.

Coca-Cola Takes A New Perspective And Makes Everyone Feel Better

In this uplifting commercial, Coca-Cola takes a different perspective on life by looking at the world through the lens of security cameras. The cameras record moments of happiness, love, bravery and more. Some of these seem almost too good to have been caught on tape and I figure a few could be scripted, but either way, they have helped restore my faith in humanity.

Will this commercial get people out in droves to buy Coca-Cola products? Not Necessarily. However, it does give me a reason to make a positive association with their brand.  I hope you’re taking notes Pepsi!
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This Week In Web: Arson, Disappointment, and Bacon

And just like that, it’s already Friday! Get ready for another dose of dumb/weird/awesome videos that helped us make it through this week.

If You Play With Fire, You’re Going to Get Burned Sued.

As kids, most of us learned that fire is not a toy and “grown-ups” are the only ones who are allowed to light the stove, candles, etc. We all branched out though and tried it for ourselves at least once and that usually led to someone or something getting burned. Once that happens, you gain a whole new respect for fire and the damage and pain it can cause.

This guy never learned.

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This Week In Web: Bad Interviews, Mad Umpires, and Movie Magic

Happy Friday! We know you’ve been watching the Olympics all week instead of getting important work done so go ahead and waste a couple more minutes and check out what is going on this week in web.

Ryan Lochte Shouldn’t Do Interviews

If you are an athlete competing in the Olympics, you are bound to get some media attention at some point during the games. With a small amount of media training by their coaches and a little bit of intelligence, most athletes do just fine when participating in interviews or other media related events. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that every athlete gets the same type of training or even has enough intelligence to stumble through an interview semi-gracefully.

BuzzFeed put together a compilation of interviews of US Olympic athlete Ryan Lochte from the past few years and titled it “Great Swimmer, Bad Interview.” It showcases Lochte’s media talent and smarts or lack thereof.

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