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About Image Freedom

Image Freedom is a little different. I don’t mean that we’re different as a tagline, or that we’re branding ourselves as edgy or unique, we’re just not fans of doing something just because everyone else is doing it. Image Freedom was founded on July 28th, 2009 by Matthew Egan. Matthew lived in a small room in a house with four other guys so he could save every penny and re-invest all earnings back into the company. To this day, Image Freedom has not taken on a dollar of debt.

Image Freedom Quote

Image Freedom has given us a solid working foundation in which we will build and grow

Jim Joslyn General Manager, KSAT TV 12


We Practice What We Preach

Image Freedom has grown considerably since those days, but the simple business practices of "make more than you spend" have remained the heart of the organization. Avid fans of Dave Ramsey's debt free financial beliefs and students of Dave's EntreLeadership program, the Image Freedom team has created an environment where businesses of all sizes can get efficiently executed Internet Marketing campaigns without paying for unnecessary overhead allowing more dollars to go directly into every effort we make on behalf of our clients.

One of the most common complaints we've heard about Internet Marketing is that companies like ours come and go, and that our clients want to know that we'll be around to be a long term partner and not disappear after creating their marketing assets. This is one of the major motivators behind remaining a debt free company, as we take on as little risk and as few liabilities as possible, we also ensure that we're creating a stable, lasting business, to be that lifetime vendor for our partners.

Meet The Team

Matthew Egan

Matthew C. Egan
Founder & SEO

Matthew has been developing online content since 2001. Leading the strategy for Image Freedom projects, Matthew busts myths and develops revenue growing SEO campaigns for our clients. When not practicing his Google Fu, Matthew can be found building a Gundam kit or glued to the PS4.

Matthew Egan

Elena Trofimchuk
Lead Website Designer

Elena graduated from the Ukrainian University with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Elena has been designing since 2003 and she believes web and graphic design is a great mix of analytical and research science with art that challenges and excites her creatively too.

Matthew Egan

Sara Egan
Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, Sara can be found doing a little bit of everything, every day. While she primarily keeps Matthew on task, Sara also plays gatekeeper for clients, employees, and vendors alike. Making sure that everyone is happy and nothing gets overlooked.

Matthew Egan

Simon Ponder
SEO Outreach Manager(Link Building)

Before joining the Image Freedom team, Simon spent 8 years working for various radio and newspaper companies developing content and advertising opportunities. On the weekends Simon is a part time explorer, grabbing one of his various film cameras and getting lost somewhere in Texas.

Matthew Egan

Holly Kovacic
Outreach/Programming Intern

Holly enjoys a challenge, and because of that she majored in computer programming at San Antonio College. She's been involved in computers since she was young, but when she's not glued to the screen, she enjoys crafting and has an affinity for all things reptilian.