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Link Building & Linkbait

Link building addresses the way search engines determine how much “authority” your site holds. Search engines attempt to determine how much authority a site holds by taking into account how often it is linked to and what other sites are linking to it. If Google sees many sites linking to yours, it then assumes you have content that is noteworthy and valuable on your site and boosts your ranking.

However, if your site is being linked by spam sites which appear to have no authority themselves, the links can work against your site rather than for it. It is important to ensure link building is done in an honest method, using honest techniques and sites that hold value as well.

A successful link building campaign can result in both rank and traffic increases. We create diverse link portfolio, which includes relevant links to your business and low quality links alike. Every link counts and every link carries weight. We carefully balance a ratio of high-quality content-driven links with lower-quality directory and social media links that combined creates a valuable and successful link portfolio.

In addition to our excellent service, we also stand by our ideals of integrity and honesty. All aspects of your SEO plan will be kept confidential and we never put your company’s reputation on the line by outsourcing to third parties. We create authentic and authoritative link building campaigns that will strengthen your company’s web presence while boosting your online reputation.