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Search Engine Friendly Website Design

Having a website is a great first step, but it’s not all there is to increasing business revenue. We want your business to have a website with a friendly, easy to navigate design, as well as a infrastructure that allows Google and Bing to quickly access your site so you can achieve high search engine rankings.

Most web design agencies say they offer SEO, or SEO friendly sites, but they only consider a fraction of the factors that truly effect your search engine rankings. Image Freedom partners with the finest designers and the most advanced programmers to build web sites for our clients that not only look great, but perform great on Google.

What do I want people to do once they find my website?

How long are people staying on my site? On each page?

What page gets the most clicks? Which is my weakest page?

Are you asking the right questions?

These are all questions that site owners should be asking. How your website is assembled and how long people spend on your site can impact how well it ranks on Google. If you’re spending money on SEO or PPC advertising and not seeing the results you desire, odds are good it’s your site that needs a little love.

We liken this to spending money on Billboards and Radio ads only to never clean your store or stock your shelves. The customer learns about you, but what they find is a “dirty window” store that they don’t feel confident buying from. Your website needs to instill confidence in the user to drive them toward becoming a paying customers.

We don’t measure traffic. We measure sales.

There are plenty of factors that can improve site traffic, but we want those visitors to convert into paying customers. We can certainly help you optimize your site for SEO, but if you’re not converting those new visitors you’re just leaving money on the table.

It can be confusing and daunting for a company to try to figure out exactly why their website is not generating the number of sales or leads that it should. It can be nearly impossible for a company to look at its own website and determine what causes someone to abandon the site instead of converting into a customer. Small details can be responsible for huge profit losses and it is vital for a website to be fully optimized for successful visitor experiences that translate into customer conversions.

The goal is the conversion. The goal is increasing revenue.

We look at several factors that play into the success of your site, including:

Calls to Action. Tell people what you want them to do, invite them to become a customer, make it easy for them to find the next step you want them to take. Make it idiot proof, make it easy, make it intuitive.

Break up Text and Graphics. People like to skim, so having short paragraphic and a few graphics can make it more appealing and less daunting vs. reading a big wall of text on your website.

Easy Access to Contact Information. Don’t make the user work to find your phone number, if they get distracted while trying to find a way to reach you, you may lose that customer forever. Keep it simple.

Not only do we optimize your website for search rankings, we also take great pride in optimizing visitor experience so more visitors convert into paying customers. We take SEO even further by using analytics to track trends in visitor behavior.

If people have a good experience on your site they are more likely to share it and talk about you. If you’re worth talking about, then you’re worth linking to and if you’re worth linking to, then the more links your site will get and the higher your authority is going to be. Ranking well on Google is all about Authority.

If this sounds like the website your business deserves, give us a call today at (800) 739-2194 or click here to get started.