SEO Page Title & Meta Description Tool
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Title Tag Basics – Why do I care?

Page Titles and Meta Descriptions are a great place to include keywords on your website. We believe that a page’s Title is the single most important place to include your primary keyword. This tool helps you write SEO-friendly Titles and Descriptions.

You want to choose a Keyword, your primary keyword, that gets a lot of Google searches. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to study how many searches a specific keyword gets in a month to help you choose your primary keyword.

Take that primary keyword and place it at the front of your Title Tag, and then do your best to write a title that both includes that keyword but is still grammatically correct and makes sense to the end user.

Write your Meta Descriptions for the users: don’t worry about cramming keywords. If you do include your keyword, Google will bold that phrase in the search results, but cramming keywords in your Meta Description doesn’t actually help boost your rankings like having the keyword in the Title Tag does.

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