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Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of experts out there who will try to tell you that there are universal strategies for every business, but that just isn’t so.

At the end of the day, you need someone who is going to provide a social media strategy that works specifically for your brand and how you want to be perceived online as well as how Social Media can help you rank better on Google.

We ask the question “why” when thinking about social media.

Why should you have a Twitter? Why should you have a Facebook? Why should you post that blog post? Why should you connect with that person/business? Why should you have a YouTube? You can’t trust your business to a bandwagon, you need a plan.

Why should you have social media at all?

Social media is one of the new ways Google assigns authority to a website.

Twitter: If a link is re-tweeted enough on Twitter, it still holds authority and will rank that link #1 if it appears enough times on Twitter. You can connect personally with past, present and future fans/clients in 140 characters or less, which results in people talking about you and gaining a higher authority.

Facebook: Facebook is becoming a search engine all on its own, and if you’re a company that caters to people on the Facebook market then you’ll want a Facebook page. Sharing links, RSS feeds, Twitter, Youtube, your website in the welcome tab and various other links also gives high ranking and value to Google.

Those are the two main social media pages that offer great value in not only your presence online but from an SEO standpoint as well.

The more your links are shared and the more you’re being talked about, the more authority you’ll have in your community.

True Story – Does a bankruptcy lawyer need social media?

We were speaking to a bankruptcy attorney whose PR company suggested he invest in a Facebook page. There’s no way someone would like a bankruptcy firm on Facebook because no one wants to admit that they’re in debt to their friends and family!

The strategy has to fit the business. Sometimes the best channel strategy is to stay off the channel all together. No one is going to say, ‘Hey, look at me! I’m in debt over my ears so I have to declare bankruptcy!’ It’s just not something you’re going to brag about online.

Even still, the PR company wanted to make money, so they suggested he hire them to create his Facebook page, his Twitter, etc. We will never suggest something for you that we don’t feel is right for your business.

We don’t measure likes or tweets or pluses or shares. We measure sales, we measure business growth and we measure our success by your bottom line.

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