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What is RSS? Syndication made Simple

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Mike Flores (or @pplusd on Twitter) asked “What is RSS?”

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and has become one of the easiest ways to subscribe to content on the web.  If you’re like me you travel to hundreds of web pages a day and you can’t organize your bookmarks to save your life, and you really want to keep track of what certain people share.

Enter RSS, or better yet, enter a Subscription Service for Bloggers.

RSS is a way of subscribing to a site through a reader like Outlook or Mac's Mail.

RSS is a way of subscribing to a site through a reader like Outlook or Mac's Mail.

There are a lot of ways to subscribe to an RSS feed.  Most RSS feed’s pop up your default RSS viewer, which I have set to Mac’s Mail program and you PC users can also setup for Outlook as well.  Once you’ve subscribed to the RSS feed you’ll get a new message in that inbox every time that web site posts an update.  I use RSS to follow blogs, and stay on top of the SEO news across sites like Search Engine Land and SEOmoz.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, just find the little orange square that looks like a wifi symbol.  Click on that and it will add the URL for that sites’ RSS feed to your reader of choice.  There are a lot of RSS readers out there so experiment some and find the one that works for you.

Most blogging software packages include an RSS service.  I use and recommend WordPress because RSS is really easy to use.  You can even subscribe to the Image Freedom Blog via RSS by clicking on the little man who looks like he’s sitting on the toilet under my photo.  Yea, I really ought to replace that. =)

For more info than you’d ever want to know about RSS check out the Wikipedia Entry.