Why Should I Care About Title Tags?

Recently we launched our SEO Meta Tool which was custom made to help you figure out if your title and description were up to par with SEO best practices.

Do me a favor real quick, search for your website in Google.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Ok, if you happen to see your title is being cut off or your description is trailing off into the darkness, then they’re too long and need to be shortened. In the image above you’ll see that the tag & description for our home page is correct. However, as you can see the ADD CEO that he is, Matthew has neglected our blog’s homepage in the meta description department.

I won’t tell him if you won’t. 😉

Anyway, while you may have learned from some random article on the web that it’s ok to leave it longer so that you “entice” the reader into wanting more and inevitably clicking…it doesn’t really work that way.

When a consumer does a search, they’re looking for instant gratification. They need to know what they’re looking at and which site will give them the information they need.

Extending your title and description so they trail off just makes consumers angry, not willing.

So what exactly should be in the title tag and description in order to show off exactly who you are and what you do while still targeting for your main keywords?

First, you’ll choose your primary keyword and place it in front of your name.

Example, for us, our title tag is: “San Antonio SEO Company | Image Freedom | Results-driven Web Marketing”.

That sentence alone tells a consumer what they would be expecting once they enter the page. Plus, Google picks up your main keywords at the front of the title tag.

The description should be a continuation of your title. It should be written with the users in mind; straight and to the point. No keyword stuffing! Cramming lots of keywords in your meta description does not help your ranking. It’s as useless as the meta keyword tag, Google doesn’t use it at all anymore.

We believe that simply changing a pages title is the absolute an easy place to start in your SEO venture. Just changing the title tag alone can increase your ranking by several pages.

So, go check out the free SEO Title & Description Meta Tool and let us know how your site measured up!